Electronic Drums








Target: 3 years old or older

Lesson Duration: 1 hour for all level.

Course Content:

Electronic Drums course involves learning basic drum kit, different kinds of cymbals, how to hold the drum sticks, learning rhythm, and other techniques. The student will be able to develop their footwork as well as develop their skill in switching between hands. The Electronic Drums class is very helpful for the small kids at the age of 3 years old and above as they will learn as follows content:

  • Proper techniques and posture in drumming
  • Reading of drum scores and understanding of musical terms
  • Progressive exercises for stick control, footwork and co-ordination
  • Various rhythm styles and variations
  • Ideas for drum fill-ins
  • Drum rudiments for stylized techniques and versatility
  • Wide repertoire and Pop, Rock, Latin to other contemporary styles using back-up tracks



Electronic Drums (8 hours):

  • Kids (3-4): 6,400
  • Adult (4+): 6,800