Kru Det [Piano]

Name: Tiradet Wetchpan (Det)Teach: Piano


  • A senior student at Rungsit University in the Faculty of Music, music performance, under the guidance of Aree Kunapongkun.
  • Studied a masterclass with famous pianists, such as Jun Komatsu, Stefan Sandstrom and Chindarat Charoenwongse.
  • Further study in a master’s degree in Music Performance

Performance Experience:

  • Tiradeet has been chosen to be the representative of the Rungsit University to perform in the Friendship Piano Concert, perform in the Piano Ensemble Music, be an accompanist practice with a chorus in the concert, The Music Of The 4 Elements (Bach, Lully, Telemann and Rameau) and perform with Sujaree Prapinwong in the concert We Love Marimba.