Kru Jean [Piano]



Name: Jitrin Preeyakorn (Jean)

Teach: Piano

Education and Teaching Experience:

  • He started piano lessons at the age of 7 at the BMAS Music School. Later on, he studied piano with MR Wilai Kanya Wichaitit at his teacher’s studio.
  • In 2014, he decided to study majoring in music education at the Faculty of Humanities Kasetsart University Western Music Piano Instrument Piano lessons with Asst.Prof.Dr.Pavalai Tunchunphong
  • In year 2016, the piano exams are in Grade 8 with Honors and the Grade 5 theses from Anzca, Australia & New Zealand.
  •   2561-present Best Music World and Yamaha Music School
  •   2559-2560 Music and Art School Piyapatch
  •   Anzca’s Piano & Violin Competition 2012.
  •  Joined Thai Youth Orchestra (TYO) in 2015.
  •  SU-KU Friendship Recital from 2015-2018
  •  RSU-KU Friendehip Recital.
  •  KU-MU-SWU Friendship Recital

There are also Masterclass opportunities with famous teachers such as Dr. Inthasri Prasaran, MR. Prof. Wilai Kanya Vichai Dit, Dr. Christopher Chan Vongkusak