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Rules and regulations of Rosewell Music House

1. The rules and practices of the students in the class.

  • Please be on time for the class scheduled, no compensation of minutes will be made later if there is another class after yours. However, if you wish to cancel the class or could not made it on time, please inform us 1 day in advance. Failure to do so means thats no compensation will be made.
  • In the case that the teacher is late, he or she will teach compensatory time. However, if there is a class after, the compensatory time will be made at a later date.
  • It is mandatory for the students to have consistent learning, every week, as it helps the students to learn quicker and remember best. If the students drop often or cannot come to learn frequently, this will influence the development of students’ learning skills.
  • Noted that: The student can take leave only two times for each course. An absence more than two times will be marked as absent and no compensatory time will be given.
  • Course will expired within four months from the application date so consistency in learning is important.
  • Reservations are required for students to enroll and pay tuition before the class is held. Otherwise, class reservation of your students will be cancelled.
  • To confirm when the payment is made, please follow our class reservation policy.
  • If parents wish to be in class during the lecture, parents must inform the school before the start of the class.

**Note to students who take our Piano Course: Students who wish to take the piano exam [ABRSM] from Grade 1 to Grade 8 – the students will be required to study music theory in line with our practical class. It is compulsory that students will have to take both theory and practical exams if one wishes to continue to Piano Grade 5. All students must pass the Grade 5 music theory in order to be eligible to apply for the practical test in Grade 6 by The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

2. Absent students

  • Leave: students who wish to take a leave, please kindly inform our institution 1 day earlier. Later than 1 day will consider absent for the class.
  • Sickness: students who have a sudden illness – please kindly inform our institution before the class starts at least three hours before. Considered compensation of the class will be taken on a case by case basis. However, if it is due to our teachers’ illness, we will strive to provide a substitute teacher to teach instead.
  • Note that: The student can take leave only two times for each course. An absence of more than two times will be marked as absent and no compensatory time will be given.
  • If there is no advance notice, we will consider that the student is “absent” and there will be no compensation.
  • Holidays: The school will open as usual. However, during public holiday we will be closed, notices will be given on our Facebook pages or broadcast on our official LINE beforehand.

3. Compensation hours.

  • Administrators will arrange the absences of the students in order to find the time for class compensation. In this case, we will use evidence from the signing records of our teachers whether the students are coming to the class or not. The appointment of class compensation will be given to parents and students approximately one week in advance or at least 1-2 days in the case of an urgent class.

4. Evaluation of the studies

  •   The instructors will evaluate the student performance half-yearly. The grades will be given as an alphabetical letter (A, B, C, and D), of which

                              A means Excellent, B means Very Good, C means Good, and D means Needs Further Improvement. 

               The grades will be based on the following:

- Basic skills such as reading music and the rhythm (Basic Skills).

-  Various playing techniques (Technical Skills).

-  Capability of being a musician, and auditory skills. (Musicianship)
-  The intention of the students and drills. (Responsibility)

  • The school will have a compression clip or a sound clip that students play in every month.

5. Music Examinations

  • Students who take ABRSM exams, acknowledged that the levels range from grade 1 to grade 8 for every music instrument. The grade will be given by the examiners based on students’ ability.
  • ABRSM exams are open for an enrollment twice a year in June and October.
  • When students can pass the exam successfully and are promoted to a higher class level, the school will give a certificate of examination results.
  • Price of the exam depends on what grade the student is enrolled in.
  • Place and time will be announced as each exam period approaches.

6. Music Theory exam

  • It is compulsory for the students to complete music theory exams Grade 1 to 5 before he or she can continue to Grade 5 exam.

7. School Activities

  • We will perform a Mini House Concert twice a year. The concert will usually be held in June and October. These will help prepare the students to be ready and get comfortable performing in front of the public.
  • Pre-Exam (Mock Exam): It is mandatory for the students who will take ABRSM exam to have a mock exam first at our house before performing in front of ABRSM examiners.  The mock exams will be held 3-4 times before the examination date.
  • Annual Concert (Recital): A school’s annual concert will be held at the end of every year usually between October to December.


To be successful and obtain the best results from studying, you need to practice. Our institution only offers you knowledge of how to play your favorite musical instrument. For excellent skills, you need self-practice. Learning how to play music gives the skills for students. However, the rest comes from effective practicing and care of children from parents. It is said to be the first responsibility of every student to practice on a daily basis.

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