Target: 4 years old or older

Lesson Duration:

  • 1 hr for individual lessons from early beginner to primary level
  • 1.5 hr for individual lessons from primary level to advanced level

Course Content:

  • Basic music rudiments and music terms
  • Proper techniques and posture
  • Progressive exercises for technical development
  • Training on tonguing, proper breathing and various articulations
  • Coverage of works from classical to modern periods

Course syllabus and teaching style inspired by Suzuki Method. Suzuki approach to teach music builds on the principles of language acquisition. Those principals include an early beginning, listening, learning with other children and then learning to read.Students will learn the basic elements of the Violin, practicing correct posture, practice reading notes, and playing simple songs.

Early Beginner


  • Suzuki Violin Method – Book 1, 2


  • Suzuki Violin Method – Book 3, 4, 5


  • Suzuki Violin Method – Book 6 or above

Violin (8 hours)

  • Primary (Suzuki Violin Method – Book 1,2): 6,800
  • Intermediate (Suzuki Violin Method – Book 3,4,5): 7,200
  • Advanced (Suzuki Violin Method – Book 6+): 7,600